The only portion of your home that is not insulated is the glass.  Applying the window tint to the glass insulates the building, rejects the hot heat, blocks our harmful ultraviolet rays which damage your drapes, blinds, furniture, carpets, etc., provides privacy & safety, and will also increase the value of your property.

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•   Go Green & save money with ACCENTRICK TINT.

•   Reduces yearly energy bills by up to 44%.

•   Rejects up to 80.2% of the Hot Heat.

•   Blocks out 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet A and B rays.

•   Provides safety against burglaries, due to the tint holding the glass together.

•   3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty against glass breakage for dual pain, low e glass, and gas charged window panes.

•   Energy Rebate Programs are set in place for Solar Film installation (aka: window tint).

•   Graffiti Guard on bathroom mirrors, elevators, showcases, and exterior glass of buildings.

•   Rejects 85%+ of the Hot Heat

•   5 Year glass breakage warranty (not 3)

•   Security Tint for Protection (not Safety)



•   Security tint prevents burglars from entering your home or office through the most vulnerable part of your building, which is the glass.

•   Reduces your monthly insurance rates.

•   Protects your assets, family from harm, and reduces your yearly energy bills.

•   Bomb, Earthquake, Tornado, & Hurricane resistant tint

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